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Each unit is safely removed and replaced with a brand-new unit each service.
• All contents of the unit are then disposed in line with all Environmental guidelines
• All staff trained in the safe handling of sharps

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Available in a variety of sizes 1.4L, 2L, 4.75L, 10L, 15L and 2L Sharps Safe.
We provide comprehensive protection for all patients and staff in line with all current Government Legislation.
All units come with a high level comprehensive servicing guarantee that is compliant with all current Environmental guidelines for safe sharps disposal waste.

Sharps are items that can cause cuts or puncture injuries and include:

  • Needles
  • Syringes
  • Lancets
  • Scalpels
  • Stitch cutters
  • Razor blades
  • Glass ampoules
  • Sharp instruments
  • Spicules of bone and teeth.

For Sharps we can supply

Sharps Safes

  • To suite sharps 1.7 refills.
  • Heavy duty steel casings.
  • Wall or floor mounted.
  • Lockable, tamper resistant.
  • Also available as wire frame baskets.

Sharps Containers – Refills

  • 2 litre capacity.
  • 4 litre capacity.
  • 10 litre capacity.
  • 15 litre capacity.
  • Yellow, high density polypropylene construction.
  • Conforms to Australian Standards AS 4031/92.
  • Safety ‘fingerguard’ system.
  • Click and seal lid.

Our service includes supply and collection.


  • Standards Australia and Workplace Health and Safety compliant.
  • Various sized containers to meet any application.
  • Storage Units: Wall mounted or trolley’s.


  • Fully trained and competent staff.
  • Workplace Health and Safety compliant.
  • Waste tracking system: from collection to destruction.

We provide you with comprehensive tracking information on all aspects of your clinical waste including sharps.

  • General – Site, Collection Point, Date, Authorising Officer
  • Collection – Type, weight / volume, Collecting Officer
  • Transport – Vehicle No / registration, Driver
  • Waste Consignee – Company Name, Licence Number, Quantity Received and Treatment Given to Waste.

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