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Cytotoxic Waste Units

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Each unit is replaced with a brand new freshly sanitised unit each service.
• All contents of the unit are then incinerated in line with all Environmental guidelines
• All staff trained in the safe handling of Cytotoxic Waste.

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What is Cytotoxic Waste?
Cytotoxins are the most hazardous of the pharmaceutical wastes. They are capable of impairing, injuring, or killing cells and many have a direct irritant effect upon skin, eyes, mucous membranes, and other tissue. They can cause local toxic and/or allergic reactions.
They need to be handled extremely carefully as even exceedingly small quantities can be hazardous to human contact. These wastes have special handling, packaging, and disposal requirements. Cytotoxic waste must be packaged inside, puncture resistant, leak proof purple containers. All cytotoxic waste, including contaminated sharps, must be segregated, and identified by colour.

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