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Medical Waste

Advantage Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal premises and vehicles are approved for the collection and disposal of medical waste material and sharps and all service staff are competent, qualified and suitably uniformed and operate to a strict health and safety policy.

We offer a high level of service and have been recognised and accepted throughout the North Coast, Mid North Coast, Newcastle, Upper Hunter and on the Central Coast.

All products used comply with Standards Australia and our service meets Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) standards. We are a market leader in our field and continue to be the most technologically innovative medical waste company. This is achieved and maintained setting very high standards and having total commitment to deliver second to none service and product excellence.

Collection and disposal of medical waste and sharps are completed in safe and secure manner from organizations generating or being involved with medical wastes, such as disposable surgical waste, pharmaceutical waste, photographic (X-ray) waste and sharps.

As part of our service we can provide a wide range of containers, both in size and type, all meeting Australian standards.

We can provide you with:

Large range of sharps disposal units ranging from 1.4 litre up to 15 litre capacity. These sharps disposal units can have lockable wall mounted storage units, mounting frames, brackets, trolleys or freestanding baskets.

Medical wastes can be stored for disposal in non-lockable 26L, 45L with a pedal or lockable 48, 120 or 240 litre approved medical waste bins.

Body Piercing, Body Art, Tattoos
At Advantage we have the industry knowledge and experience to provide your business with a complete environmental waste management solution.

Because your business uses needle-based techniques for treatment it will generate waste material that contains sharps, needles and other items such as swabs.

Used sharps and swabs may be contaminated with small amounts of blood or blood products from your clients, and because blood can carry serious infections such as hepatitis B and C, as well as HIV, these materials must be disposed of responsibly.

Step 1. Sanitise Skin – Dispose of swab
Step 2. Shave area – Dispose of blade
Step 3. Tattoo – Dispose of needle
Step 4. Swab as you Tattoo – Dispose of swab

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