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Advantage Hygiene’s range of disposable plastic gloves are ideal for any situation and work space. Our collection includes latex-free and powder-free options that are suitable for any skin type. These latex gloves are great for a variety of tasks from handling food, to cleaning, and much more. They are also ambidextrous and come in an inclusive range of sizes from extra large to small to fit everyone.

Gloves provide fantastic hand protection from chemicals and dirt and everything in between. These washroom services gloves keep hands clean and safe while still remaining durable enough to comfortably perform any task. Lots of industries utilise gloves as a form of personal protective equipment (PPE). These fields include the medical and dental industries, janitorial services, food service industry, the manufacturing industries, and countless more. If you need gloves then Advantage Hygiene is your one stop shop in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Maitland, and beyond. 

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