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Hand Wash

Advantage Hygiene Services stock a great range of hand wash plus hand wash liquid to suit any of your hygiene and hand washing requirements. Our range of hand washes include antibacterial hand wash, luxury foaming hand wash, industrial grade hand soap, and even a pink liquid hand wash. It’s never been faster to find the right hand soap online and with our high quality products and easy online service with delivery.
These hand soaps are essential for any business or company that is serious about hand hygiene and preventing the spread of germs and illness. Our soaps remove dirt with ease and their antibacterial properties with active antimicrobial ingredients help to eliminate germs and nasty bugs. Our industrial grade hand soap is great for worksites and removes mud, coal, oil and grease with ease. All of our soaps are suited to frequent use and don’t dry out hands. Our hand soaps will leave your hands feeling clean and soft every time!

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