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CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Gym Wipes Dispenser Stand

Gym wipes stand easy clean, durable and portable

Use for tough cleaning, disinfecting and daily touch-ups at Gyms · Yoga / Pilates Studios · Training Centers · Massage & Therapy Centres · Dance Studios · Change Rooms · Exercise Facilities.
Code: 41929


Floor standing gym wipes metal dispenser with disposal bin

Compatible with Extra Antibacterial Surface Wipes

The best solution for limited wall space and want to provide a sleek, premium experience for their members.

Comes with a disposal bin, dual side access

Bottom-Heavy For Stability.
The premium design and manufacturing of this product makes it one step ahead of all other gym wipe floor dispensers on the market.
The entire structure is made with lightweight but durable metal. With its lightweight design on top of a heavy base, the overall structure is much more stable than other dispensers.

disposal Bucket Included. This helps keep your gym clean and provides an easy and accessible place for your members to discard the wipes after use without having to find a trash bin.
Sleek And Stylish A great dispenser that provides a premium experience and sleek, stylish design. Great gyms pay attention to details to make their customers feel special, and a metal gym wipe floor dispenser can provide that experience at an affordable price.


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