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Medical/Clinical Waste Units

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• Each unit is replaced with a brand new freshly sanitised unit each service.
• All contents of the unit are then incinerated in line with all Environmental guidelines
• All staff trained in the safe handling of Clinical and Medical Waste

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Available in the following variety of sizes to suit your individual needs.
26L compact, 45L Peddle, 120L lockable, 240L lockable.
We are here to ensure you feel secure in knowing that you are doing all you can to protect your clients and staff in line with all latest Government Legislation.
All of our clinical waste units are installed and you are provided comprehensive servicing that is completely compliant and adheres to all Environment Protection Authority Guidelines for Medical Waste.
All contents are disposed in line with all Environmental guidelines and full tracking provided.
All units are lined with an approved yellow clinical waste bin liner.
Plus all units are replaced with a freshly sanitised unit each service to ensure safety, hygiene and protection from bacteria and germs at all times.

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