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Urinal and Toilet Sanitiser Services

Our Dual Sanitiser keeps urinals and toilets clean and stain-free and can be activated with each flush or on a timer.

  • Provides on-going protection against the build-up of limescale and bacteria.
  • Stylish and easy to clean with antibacterial surface.
  • Activated on flush or timer.
  • Large capacity reservoir for continual dosing between service cycle.
  • Robust and vandal-resistant.
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  • Capacity: 700ml.
  • Dimensions: H 212mm x W 145mm x D 96mm.
  • Weight: 0.6Kg.


  • Sanitising fluid reduces bacteria sprayed during flushing.
  • Coats surfaces to help inhibit the build-up of limescale and bacteria.
  • Formulated specifically for urinals and toilets.

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