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Urinal Deep Clean Services

Kills germs and bacteria.
• Reduces offensive drain odours.
• Only environmentally cleaning compounds are used.
• Leaving urinals looking like new.

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Our service technicians use environmentally safe agents for urinal cleaning and de-scale. The treatment removes surface scale deposits, minerals from the drains, fittings, outlets and the urinal step.

This is the most effective Hygiene Treatment available to date for a Urinal Deep Clean and is performed by one of our trained service technicians.

Scale build up on urinals looks bad and is hard to remove and plumbing can become extremely odorous due to the build-up of bacteria and germs.

Contract cleaners only ‘surface clean’ your urinals, however Advantage Hygiene Services have revolutionary cleaning system that gets deep below the surface to removes the causes of the bad odour and eliminate the bacteria and germs and reduce offensive drain odours.

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