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• Each unit is replaced with a brand new freshly sanitised unit each service.
• All contents of the unit are then incinerated in line with all Environmental guidelines
• All staff trained in the safe handling of Clinical and Medical Waste

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Available in 3 handy sizes, 26L manual, 45L Peddle we have a unit to suit your personal needs.

Our units have a clear shute with no flaps and are designed for adult incontinence products to ensure a discreet and hygienic way to dispose of incontinence pants, pads etc.

Our Incontinence Bins are lined with a bio degradable, deodorised and sanitised bin liner for your added protection against malodours and germs.

Plus we use fragrant granules to further help deodorise contents inside the unit.

All units are replaced with a freshly sanitised unit each service to ensure hygiene and protection from bacteria and germs at all times.

Our incontinence disposal system consists of neat free-standing units with 48 litre capacity. These are ideal for disabled toilets where a large capacity waste bin is required. It is suitable for disposable undergarments, bladder control pads also for colostomy and urinary bags.

Each incontinence bin unit has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised at our premises before delivery. Each unit also has a sanitised poly-liner with a built-in fragrance PLUS the use of our ‘sani-grain’ compound which provides all levels of bacteria and odour control. This two fold system of hygiene is unique to Advantage and is your guarantee in providing a safe, clean and efficient environment.

Units are exchanged on a regular basis, optimum service is weekly, but this can be extended due to our two fold system of hygiene.

Supplied, installed and serviced by our fully trained and competent staff.

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